Message from Dr. Jane Goodall

“Once we admit that animals have personalities, minds and emotions and above all that they can suffer, both mentally and physically, then we must also admit that our use of animals for medical experimentation is, in almost all cases, ethically unacceptable. This view has led scientists to invent many medical tests that replace the use of animals. And for the most part such procedures are safer and more reliable. The main difference between humans and other animals is our sophisticated brain: let there be increased funding that we may use this gift for innovative research that will, and must, result in retiring all laboratory animals from lives of fear and pain as soon as possible. We need to move on.

The amazing human brain has already discovered astonishingly innovative ways of improving medical research by replacing animals. Let science direct its collectively awesome intellect toward finding alternatives to the use of live animals in ALL procedures – as soon as possible. This should be supported by the scientific establishment and vastly increased funding should be found for it. It should be a goal for all civilised societies.

I am against animal testing. It is morally wrong and unacceptable and there are NOW better methods of testing that do not involve using live animals. Primate testing is occurring in Australia at major centres and universities such as the University of Melbourne, Queensland and Monash and we ask for your support to end this cruel practice.”


Dr Jane Goodall

Dr Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace,

Humane Research Australia is extremely grateful to Dr Goodall for adding her support to our campaign.


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