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Belinda Oppenheimer


Belinda Oppenheimer is a welfare advocate and practicing veterinarian currently working in general and referral unusual pet practice.

She has a decade of experience in animal shelter and welfare work and is a veterinary adviser and volunteer for numerous animal advocacy groups. She graduated with honours in her veterinary degree and went on to attain her Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in the field of Medicine and Surgery of Unusual Pets, indicating a high level of knowledge of the biology and care of commonly used laboratory species including rabbits, rats, mice, guinea pigs and ferrets.

Her interest in the use of animals in research stemmed from witnessing the use of greyhounds throughout her veterinary education, inciting a passion for a better way forward. Belinda first joined Animal-Free Science Advoacy in an advisory role in 2020, in memory of her greyhounds who were utilised in veterinary training prior to their adoption.

David Boyd


David is a distinguished professional specialising in corporate governance, risk management, and policy development, with a background spanning government, corporate, entrepreneurial, and not-for-profit sectors.

Holding an Executive MBA, he was awarded the 2016 Colin Brain Governance Prize for Business Ethics. David’s career is also enriched by his dedication to animal welfare. In this field, he plays significant roles in secretarial, risk management, and administrative capacities.

His adaptability across different roles and environments highlights a versatile skillset, emphasising his ability to implement effective governance in various organisational contexts.

Dr Hugo Morandini

ordinary member

Since Hugo’s medical studies in 2008, he has been strongly opposed to the use of animals in laboratory and in scientific research more broadly. He believes that promoting alternatives to animal experimentation, educating people and introducing young scientists to new technological devices is the best way to make rapid changes toward better science.

Hugo previously completed a Bachelor of Psychology, a Bachelor of Neuroscience, and a PhD in Clinical Neuroscience, and feels his extensive study in the medical field, as well as his experience in clinical research, will help Animal-Free Science Advocacy in its endeavour to phase out and stop animal experimentation in Australia.

Katrina Larsen

ordinary member

For over 30 years, Katrina has been advocating for non-human animals in a variety of capacities in both Australia and Japan including fundraising, event management, lobbying, direct action, protests, street activism, emergency support, rescue, running submission writing workshops, and administrative support.

She believes in the maxim justice ‘is not just us’, hence her passion for speaking up for non-human animals.

Katrina has served as an Animal-Free Science Advocacy committee member since 2020.

She holds a Master of Education. 

Corey Thompson


Corey has over 10 years’ experience volunteering with a number of not-for-profit associations.

He has been involved in community organising as the lead organiser of protests within a small team and volunteered with campaigns such as the 30-day Vegan Easy Challenge and Bendigo Saleyard Shade and Shelter Campaign. Corey has 3 years committee experience with Lamb Care Australia as a founding member filling various roles. He is a member of the Institute of Community Directors Australia and has qualifications in bookkeeping. Corey has completed the online ANZCCART ComPass Animal Welfare Training and Animal Ethics course. 

Before moving on from Lamb Care Australia, Corey helped begin the transition from Microsoft Excel to Xero Accounting where he obtained a basic understanding of Xero Software. In 2000, Corey studied Basic Bookkeeping – Manual & Computerised (Kangan Batman TAFE).



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