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Invite Us to Give A Talk

Animal-Free Science Advocacy is dedicated to educating the general public and scientific research sector about how we can phase out and eliminate animal experimentation in scientific research and education.

We are Australia’s only non-profit dedicated solely to ending animals experiments in Australia.

Our talks foster greater community awareness about why we need to end animal experimentation in scientific research.

For many years, our advocacy work has involved attending and speaking at various in-person events and expos; along with virtual events like webinars and being a guest on podcasts or radio shows.

This involvement, both in-person and online, serves as a powerful platform for us to raise awareness about the ethical and scientific implications of using animals in research. Also, we highlight the hopeful and scientifically valid animal-free methods that are rapidly growing in number and scale throughout the world.

Through our talks, we hope to create a space where individuals and organisations with shared values and aligned goals can connect and support each other. Together we can build a better and kinder world for animals.

“Your presentation drew great interest, with lots of students logging on to watch the tutorial playback in their own time. From our discussions afterwards we found a lot of students were passionate about the topic. Many students had little knowledge of what occurs and how animals suffer in the name of research. 
It was interesting to hear about the barriers, including the lack of reporting and transparency. We acknowledge and value the work AFSO is doing to protect animals and to reform the regulatory system.”  

Feedback from an Animal Law student at the Central Queensland University.

“Loved your talk and what you said really resonated with us, it’s sort of how we already try to do things with our social media posts. So it made so much sense to see it put together and explained so perfectly. We’ve downloaded your additional reading as well”

Feedback from Nikki, President and Co-Founder of Beagle Freedom Australia who saw Athena give a talk. 

Help us by volunteering at our events

Furthermore, for those who wish to contribute more directly, we welcome you to get in touch with us to volunteer at our next public in-person event. This is a rewarding and hands-on way that you can support our mission, while meeting others who are passionate about promoting cruelty-free science in Australia. Pictured below left: Marg one of our amazing volunteers (on the left) along with our staff member Adam and former staff member Robyn. Below right: Another volunteer of ours Tim did a great job speaking with students at the 2024 Monash University O-Week event. 

Volunteer opportunities will be advertised here and on our e-news and social media channels. 

Volunteer and staff at the Animal Rights Forum
Volunteer Tim speaks with students about animal experimentation at the Monash Uni O Week 2024

Talk topics

The topics of our talks can vary greatly and depend upon the audience. Yet they are designed to educate and inspire meaningful action towards a future where animal-free research is the norm. We can tailor our talks to suit the audience of any event. Some previous topics include:

  • Political actions for animals in laboratories 
  • The history of the anti-vivisection movement 
  • Recent developments in animal-free science
  • Effective values-based communications and reframing tactics for animal advocacy.
  • Alternatives to animal dissection 
  • How organisations and individuals can advocate for a shift towards animal-free science.
  • Legal protection for animals in laboratories and recommendations for reform 

We encourage organisations, social and community groups, schools and educational institutions and animal advocacy groups to reach out to us if they are interested in having us present at any of their events. As a small team, we may not be able to accommodate every request but we will try our best! Types of talks that we are able to help with:

  • Webinars
  • Radio segments
  • Podcasts
  • In-person and online conference talks
  • Panel discussions
  • Event activations

We can also provide an information and merch stall for events

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Events - Invite us to give a talk

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