The history of primate use webinar: 3Rs Training Webinar: Flying Monkeys and the Polio Vaccine (

Good, bad and ugly of primate research (

Al Jazeera Documentary Monkey Business: The Transnational World of Primate Testing | 101 East Documentary (

German authority rejects application for brain research on non-human primates 15/11/2023

Primates in Medical Research: A Matter of Convenience, not Sound Science – The Hastings Center

In Lucrative Primate Trade, Enforcing the Law Makes Industry Cry Foul Animal Welfare Insitute Quarterly Oct 23

More unexplained deaths of primates bred for medical research at Victorian breeding facility – HRA media release 2023

NSW Inquiry into the use of primates and other animals in research – 2022. Submissions and government response

SOPs – released under FOI – Monash Breeding Facility Victoria released to HRA under Freedom of Information (600 pages)

Briefing Primate Petition HRA Feb 23 

Invasive Research on Non-Human Primates – Time to Turn the Page  19/10/2021

Primate Research in Australia (  HRA Podcast 26/2/2021

Media Release Still in the Dark about Australia’s Hidden Primate Experiments – Humane Research Australia  25/2/201

Animal rights activists angry as over 1,000 macaques imported from Cambodia in 2020 for research | National Post    25/2/2021

Primate research – YouTube Should we experiment on primates? University of Winchester, Centre for Animal Welfare – Presenter: Dr Andrew Knight 5/2/2021

Monkey brain tests at Italian University set to continue | Cruelty Free Europe 4/2/2021

Monkeys suffer ‘extremely cruel’ torture as scientists try to simulate human depression – Daily Star  26/1/2021

Stolen-from-the-wild-the-use-and-abuse-of-mauritian-monkeys-for-research  28/10/2020

Animal welfare groups call for an end to Australian charity funding of baby monkey vision experiments – Humane Research Australia   Press Release 24/9/2020

Animal welfare groups call for an end to Australian charity funding of baby monkey vision experiments – Humane Research Australia   Press Release 1/9/2020

CN Bio and University of Melbourne collaborate on COVID-19 therapies – Drug Discovery World (DDW) (    16/12/2020

BREAKING: WCW lawsuit reveals secret videos of NIH monkey business – White Coat Waste Project   December 2020

Covid-19: tests to find a vaccine are about to kill the monkeys – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines (    22/11/2020

Duke, UNC scientists team up to create lab-grown mini-lungs that enhance COVID-19 research – ABC11 Raleigh-Durham   27/10/2020

Lab Monkeys Have Holes Drilled in their Skulls at Belgian University – One Green Planet   28/9/2020

Rise for Animals Inside the Monkey Lab 16/8/2020

Elon Musk says his AI brain chip company Neuralink will run a live tech demo of a ‘working device’ on Friday | Business Insider   26/8/2020  29/8/2020

SC monkey facility Alpha Genesis gets coronavirus contract | Hilton Head Island Packet   19/07/2020

Primates imported to UK for laboratory experiments ‘triple in a year to 6,752’ | The Independent | The Independent  16/7/2020

Animal rights advocates sue federal government over treatment of research primates – The Boston Globe   9/7/2020

Mutilated Monkeys Forced to Weightlift After Brain Surgery | PETA   1/7/2020

Texas Biomed: Larger Primates Best Model in COVID-19 Vaccine Study (   2/6/2020

“Highest standards” are clearly not good enough. We need to end primate experiments NOW! 16/7/19

‘Why Rhesus monkeys are used for most vaccine trials’ | India News – Times of India (   21/5/2020

World Day for animals in laboratories 24 April 2020 – YouTube   24/4/2020

Chinese wildlife ban freezes export of test monkeys amid worldwide push for COVID-19 vaccine – The Globe and Mail  2/4/20

Primate researchers need to explore alternative methods | TheHill   5/3/2020

Sydney Baboons Remind Us Animal Testing Needs Scrutiny In Australia (   28/2/2020

Monkeys on Neurotoxic Diet May Be New Animal Model for ALS Research (  27/2/2020

Baboons escape: Medical research on live baboons and other primates is funded by Australian government |    26/2/2020

Sydney baboon escape: police confirm three animals recaptured at Royal Prince Alfred hospital | Animals | The Guardian   25/2/2020

Former research chimps rejoice at being set free for the first time (   8/2/2020

Taxpayer watchdog sues federal health agency for withholding animal testing records and videos (   13/1/2020

U.S. lab chimps were dumped on Liberia’s Monkey Island and left to starve. He saved them. – The Washington Post   13/12/2019

Should aging lab monkeys be retired to sanctuaries? | Science | AAAS (   5/12/2019

Monkey lab staff say horror tests worthless as results faked to please managers – Daily Star   12/11/2019

BREAKING NEWS: NIH reneges on promise, will not send 44 research chimpanzees to sanctuary · A Humane World (   24/10/2019

Elon Musk says he’s tested his brain microchip on monkeys, and it enabled one to control a computer with its mind | Business Insider 17/7/2019

‘It just really ethically scares me’: Caution urged as scientists look to create human-monkey chimeras | National Post   3/7/2019

US lawmakers propose plan to reduce primate research at National Institutes of Health ( 14/5/2019

Chinese monkey experiments ignite debate over ethics versus medical pay-off (  28/4/19

Planet of the Apes test mixing human DNA with monkeys will bring ‘unintended consequence’ Daily Star, 20/4/19

Animal rights group sues UC Davis, demanding videos of alleged abuse of monkeys (  27/1/2019


FDA research monkeys retire at Florida animal sanctuary – CNN  4/12/2018

Why are U.S. neuroscientists clamoring for marmosets? | Science | AAAS (  23/10/2018

Monkey on the run after escaping Louisiana research laboratory and dashing into woods (  17/9/2018

Secret Monkey Business. Blog 25/7/18

American Airlines: Monkey escapes from cage at airport | Video (  22/5/2018

Texas Research Facility Baboons Escaped from Was Investigated for Animal Abuse (  18/4/2018

Brain lesions induced in baby marmosets to study eye-hand coordination, HRA case study 28/3/18

FDA reviewing animal studies: Squirrel monkeys die in addiction study. CNN, 2/2/18

Outrage over VW monkey diesel tests reflects changing public opinion. National Geographic, 30/1/18.

Monkey clones created in the lab. Now what? National Geographic, 24/1/18.

Decades of cruel monkey experiments at the University of Sydney

Your tax dollars – used for cruel primate experiments

Lab Chimps Are Moving to Sanctuaries — Slowly – The New York Times (  7/11/17

FDA halts monkey research denounced by Jane Goodall as ‘shameful’ – The Washington Post   25/9/17

Dr Jane Goodall publicly confronts primate experimenter Prof. Roger Lemon.   3/2/17

Animal rights lawyer argues for chimpanzees to have rights | Daily Mail Online   14/3/17

Paul Toohey: Animal testing is causing them to suffer. But is it helping humans? | Daily Telegraph 8/5/17

Reconsidering Research on Primates (    4/12/16


“The stuff of nightmares”: US primate research centres investigated for abuses. The Guardian, 29/10/16

New guidelines for primate research will not protect our closest relatives. Media release, 26/9/16

Testing on non-human primates in neuroscience research is no longer justifiable. The Independent, 8/9/16.

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It’s time to end the use of non-human primates in research and testing – Antidote Europe’s submission to the Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks.

Unexpected and Unexplained Deaths at Primate Research Facility, Gippsland, Victoria

Call to end monkey brain experiments as research deemed scientifically redundant and misleading

Dutch Parliament passes motion to phase out non-human primate research

NIH to review its policies on all nonhuman primate research

FRAME’s response to Australia’s proposed ban on importing monkeys for research

Baboons bred for experiments die from disease. trauma at secret breeding colony Sydney Morning Herald 31/1/16

Baboons used in Frankenstein-like medical experiments Sydney Morning Herald 24/1/16


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A Longitudinal View of Primate LIfe in Two American Laboratories

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Transport of live primates

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