An anxious looking pig with a number of his head within a lab facility. Image Credit: We Animals Media

The Issues

A man hugs his beagle closely after she was rescued from a lab facility. She was on her way to her forever home. Image Credit: We Animals Media


AFSA speaks out against animal experimentation at every opportunity. These are some of the issues we have focussed on.

Marmosets paralysed for cognition research at Monash University

Case Studies

The following exposés demonstrate that the experiments that occur behind lab doors are not some exaggerated claims from yesteryear. They are happening right here and now.

fetal calf serum 1

Use of Fetal Calf Serum

AFSA considers the use of human cell and tissue culture to be, clearly, a more ethical and scientifically-valid mode of research than using animals.



Xenotranplantation is the term used to describe the transplantation of organs, tissue or cells from one species to another. 

chemical testing polluted river dead fish

Environmental Impact

Animal-based research also has an environmental cost, from production of waste; to transportation of animals; to pollution.

On your doorstep - Animals used in research blank background

On Your Doorstep

Have you ever wondered where animal experiments actually occur? You might be surprised to learn that it could be happening right on your doorstep!

Australian regulations - Statistics Australia


Animal-Free Science Advocacy (AFSA) works to ensure that animal experiments are continually under scrutiny in Australia.

dangerous drugs - square 2

Dangerous Drugs

Think that animal testing is a reliable means to determine the safety and efficacy of drugs? Think again!

Tiny beautiful mouse after she was rescued from a lab with her forever owner. Image Credit: We Animals Media

Replacing Animals

Did you realise that 95% of drugs tested ‘successfully’ on animals fail when they are translated to humans? Animal testing just doesn’t work.

Research Articles rebutting animal experimentation and demonstrating non-animal methods

Surgical Training

In Australia, several surgical skills and trauma training courses for general surgeons and trauma surgeons exist and some of these courses involve the use of animals.

Captive macaque looking out of cage


An introduction to Animal-Free Science Advocacy’s ethical opposition to animal experimentation with further reading and resources.


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