On your doorstep - many animals are used in Australian research

On Your Doorstep

On Your Doorstep

Ever wondered where animal experiments are happening in Australia?  It could be happening right on your doorstep!

Surveys show that the Australian public are ill-informed about the use of animals in research and would like to know more. To advance transparency, we have compiled a map to visually represent animal use in research and education across Australia. 

The map below provides a brief snapshot of animal experimentation in Australia. Many research facilities using animals in Australia do not publish details of animal use or how many animals are kept. Therefore, this map is a snapshot of research institutes, breeding facilities and funders taken from research publications, grant funding announcements, annual reports and public statements on animal use. Some research using animals may be outsourced overseas. 

To find out more about Australian animal experimentation, please see our detailed case studies. Action items can be found on individual case study pages.

A list of published papers involving Australian animal experimentation can be found here.

Further information on research institutes undertaking research using animals which have pledged to be more open on their research can be found here

Non-animal research

Examples of non-animal research can be found here,  

A summary of the Australian non-animal model industry can be found in the CSIRO non-animals report. 

(Note that locations have been based on institutions / departments identified from scientific papers and may be associated with universities or animal ethics committee locations. Locations are pin-pointed to the best of our ability and may vary slightly.)


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