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Watch our animation featuring Marty the marmoset, which draws attention to the use of animals in research and the alternative methods now available. 

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The Failed Experiment

“The Failed Experiment” docuseries critically examines the inefficacy of animal testing in medical research, advocating for a shift towards human-relevant methods. Highlighting the emotional and financial toll of persisting with outdated models that fail to deliver cures, the series features experts across fields advocating for modernization in research techniques. It underscores the urgent need for change in the medical industry to better address human diseases and improve life expectancies, showcasing innovative alternatives that promise more ethical and effective solutions. The documentary is available free to watch on YouTube. It is a must-watch for advocates of animal-free science.

For the full series, see here.

Animal Experiments Video Series

Produced by what was formally Humane Research Australia, this six-part presentation by Dr Andrew Knight, is suitable for schools, community groups and anyone who has an interest in animals. It provides a professional rationale against the use of animals in research and is recommended viewing for anyone interested in ending the use of animals in research.

Online Films and Documentaries

  • ‘Safer Medicines’ is an excellent film released by Europeans for Medical Progress. You can view it free on-line (length about 30 minutes).
  • The Medical Illusion by Evolution Films examines the reasons behind delays for cures and treatments for major diseases.
  • Test Subjects features young researchers discussing the pressures placed upon them to use animals, despite the lack of relevance to their research.
  • Actor, comedian and animal advocate Ricky Gervais interviews Dr Ray Greek on animal experimentation. Watch the interview here.
  • Gold Standard Turned to Rust introduces the central arguments and science behind the push to move away from the failing animal model and into a new era of more efficient – and humane – science.
  • View some short videos from Professor Andrew Knight discussing animal research into depression, primate research, and animals in education.
  • The Failed Experiment is a short six-part documentary series from Peta and executive producer Bill Maher which gut-wrenchingly lays bare the failure of current methods of medical research.

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