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Achievements – 2015

Have a read through some of our achievements we’ve made during 2015.

Launch of Ban Primate Experiments campaign.

Ban Primate Experiments

After much background research and preparation we launched our campaign Ban Primate Experiments. Few people are aware that primates are used in experiments in Australia and our first priority is to raise public awareness so that we may then call for change.
The campaign has its own website, coincides with an online petition, postcard distribution, crowd funding and is supported by international primate experts.
We are particularly honored to have the support of Dr Jane Goodall.
A highlight of the campaign was the production of a billboard on busy Punt Road, Richmond Victoria, to coincide with football finals and therefore receiving much attention from sports crowds, traffic and train commuters. It also attracted much media attention including interviews on The Project and the Weekend Today Show – all raising awareness of the use of primates in research.  The billboard was made possible through HRA members and supporters.

Jazzy Guinea Pig speaks out against cosmetics testing

As part of our collaborative work with Humane Society International on the Be Cruetly Free campaign, we introduced Jazzy – a new animation (based on our earlier version of Henry – created by Matt Bottos of Hyperchromatics) to speak out against cosmetics testing on animals.

Adalita promotes the Humane Charities List


Celebrity supporter Adalita kindly lent her support to our Humane Charities List. The graphic was shared widely across social media.

Published national statistics and provided the faces

National statistics on animal use were collated and published (as we do each year) however this year we introduced some of the faces behind those statistics – showing that every “statistic” is indeed a sentient individual and not a mere tool for research.
See an overview here.

Rehoming of ex-lab animals

HRA is honoured to be associated with Beagle Freedom Australia a network of groups and individuals who offer rehabilitation and sanctuary to ex-laboratory animals. This year we have taken advantage of a requirement in the new code of practice which states “Opportunities to rehome animals should be considered wherever possible.” We invite people to express their interest in providing a home for these animals and we then provide their details to Beagle Freedom Australia for when rehoming opportunities arise.

Cochlear expose of cat experiments


Upon receipt of information from an anonymous source, and in collaboration with the late Sam de Brito, HRA was able to expose Cochlear Ltd’s use of cats in cruel eye and ear experiments.  The expose caused much interest in the media and HRA conducted several interviews.
We also engaged in discussion with ethical investment companies about their involvement with the company and had a representative attend their Annual General Meeting to raise questions about the use of cats in research.

Primate imports Bill re-introduced

Following on from our campaign to ban the importation of primates for research, in November 2015, Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon re-presented a private members bill to the Senate, originally introduced in November 2012,on our behalf. The bill has been referred to inquiry by the Senate Environment and Communications Committee.

Dog Experiments


We ended the year highlighting the use of dogs in Australian research – mainly beagles and greyhounds (considered excess from the racing industry). Of much interest to the public was the use of greyhounds by Melbourne Dental School. The Age featured the story both in print and online, and our latest bulletin highlighted several examples of how dogs are used in various types of research.


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