2015 Media Releases

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Jebediah Bassist Vanessa Thornton Says Australia Must Kiss Cosmetics Animal Testing Good-Bye

Cute Talking Guinea Pig Shares Important Message About Cosmetics Animal Testing

Counting on animal cruelty? 2013 animal usage statistics

Industrial Chemicals Reform Brings Opportunity to Replace Decades-old Animal Tests With Modern Science

Dr Jane Goodall, adds her support to Ban Primate Experiments

NHMRC’s funding of monkey breeding facilities a backward step

Crowd funding launched to tell Australians primates are dying – right here

NHMRC’s public consultation is an opportunity to speak out against experiments on primates

New Zealand Bans Cosmetics Testing on Animals – And Now It’s Australia’s Turn

New publication demonstrates the need to replace animal models in medical research

How will the Medical Research Future Fund affect animal experiments?

International Primate Day 2015

Humane Society International and H&M Collaborate on New Animal Welfare Commitments

Gorillas are highly cognitive and sentient beings – not objects for entertainment or research

Cochlear Ltd – what price profit?

They’re dying – right here in Melbourne

#BeCrueltyFree South Korea Campaign Welcomes Cosmetics Bill Requiring Mandatory Use of Alternatives

Australian YouTubers Join Beauty Bloggers From Around the World to Help the #BeCrueltyFree Campaign

House of Representatives Motion Against Cosmetics Animal Testing Welcomed by #BeCrueltyFree Australia

Rock Musician Adalita Supports #BeCrueltyFree Australia Campaign to Ban Cosmetics Animal Testing


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