Tiny beautiful mouse after she was rescued from a lab with her forever owner. Image Credit: We Animals Media

Deliberate Scalding and Burn Wounds in Mice

The University of Adelaide, with approval from the university’s animal ‘ethics’ committee, developed a ‘mouse model’ of bacterial scald wound infection and sepsis.

To develop the ‘model’ young mice were placed in a 65°C water bath for 45 seconds until a burn characterised by the appearance of a blister and oedema developed. Some hours later a cohort of mice were deliberately infected with bacteria, causing some succumbing to infection rapidly and nearing death within 6 hours. The narcotic buprenorphine was administered 12 h and 24 h post-procedure.

According to the 2018 publication, a drug dose was then chosen as the optimal dose for subsequent experiments.

These models were developed with the purpose of continuing to use the mouse model to study potential new wound therapies.

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References – Link to University of Adelaide research publication:




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