Anxious marmosets being carried out of a lab to their forever home after being used in scientific experiments. Image Credit: We Animals Media

They Were Decapitated!

Many people are unware that primate experimentation is still being conducted in Australia.

A vital part of HRA’s work is to rigorously monitor Australia’s use of primate experiments in medical research and the publications we continue to uncover never cease to shock and dismay us.

Researchers at Monash University conducted experiments on marmosets to study the function of astrocytes (cells associated with the central nervous system) after brain injury.

The lives of these animals came to an end by decapitation after they endured experiments inducing stroke symptoms

A shroud of secrecy that surrounds the use of primates in Australia means we are continuously kept in the dark about the necessity and validity of these experiments, not to mention limitations on HRA’s capacity to monitor researchers’ claims of ‘diligent assessment’ of animal welfare considerations.

We do know however that these primates were taken from the breeding facility, separated from their social groups, inflicted with injury, and then intentionally killed.

Further information about primate experimentation in Australia here


Reference: Monash University publication



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