Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst secures a Parliamentary Inquiry into animal experimentation

The inquiry, established on 3 December 2021, will inquire into and report on the use of primates and other animals in medical research in New South Wales.

Given the lack of transparency in animal research and the hopes resting on effective medical research, this is a long overdue and much-need inquiry. HRA has prepared a detailed submission addressing all the inquiry terms of references, making many recommendations including:

-Retrospective assessments of animal research to be mandatory as a condition of funding and made public
-A consistent process be introduced for publicly funded research to record expenditure that involves the use of animals that is accessible to the public.
-State funding for the development of non-animal based scientific testing via incentives such as awards, scholarships or research grants.
-Prohibit the use of forced inhalation research via NSW legislation
-Provide details on the numbers of animals bred, but not used, for medical research, instead being killed for no purpose
-Plain language non-technical summaries of research projects
-Greater scrutiny of undergraduate and postgraduate animal use

You can read our submission in full here.
You can make a submission here.

Inquiries do not always lead to the results we wish to see, and HRA is doubtful that the NSW Government will adopt meaningful change for progressive and humane science. However, we intent to use the opportunity to achieve whatever steps can be taken for animals in laboratories. We trust the committee will consider our submission carefully, in the interests of non-human animals, human health, and out of respect for the time and effort invested.


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