Achievements – 2020

Have a read of just some of HRA’s 2020 achievements

Extensive media coverage on the plight of primates in research following the ‘baboon escape’, which resulted in a doubling of our ban primate experiments petition signatures

Upgrading the HRA and Humane Charities List websites

Outreach at the Sydney Road Street Festival

Becoming a corporate member of Transparency International Australia to advocate for open and transparent Government

Joining an international coalition, United4Animalsin Labs, to campaign during World Week for Animals in Laboratories for non-animal alternatives in COVID-19 research

Presentation by our adviser Doctor Brett Lidbury during National Science Week

The launch of the HRA podcast channel 

Uniting with Choose Cruelty Free and LUSH for an in-store and online campaign to strengthen the Industrial Chemicals Act

Two Australian universities deciding not to approve forced swim test research

Publishing many non-animal case studies 

Celebrating Leo-the-ex lab cat’s 10 year anniversary during HRA’s cat month in August, during which supporters donated copies of Leo the Ex Lab cat to schools and libraries across Australia

Creating a new resource for those working in the animal research industry

Watch our 2020 highlights and 2021 hopes video here. 


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