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HRA launches new resource for those in the animal research industry

Working in the animal research industry and conflicted by what you see? HRA welcomes open communication with anyone involved in the animal research industry, whether that be a question, complaint for investigation, or insider report.

HRA has launched a new webpage aimed at those working or volunteering in the animal research industry, be that as a researcher, animal ethics committee member or animal technician.

These are challenging roles with huge ethical responsibilities associated. Whilst there are regulations in place, individuals may feel powerless to speak out, or lack the specific knowledge of non-animal research methods to be able to question the use of animal models.

The page provides tips and links to resources to assist those working in the animal research industry to serve the interests of both animals and the validity of research. There is the functionality to report grievances anonymously. This is strongly encouraged, both so that HRA can take further action, and maintain an awareness of prevalent issue we can then advocate to see addressed.

Feedback on the page is welcomed by any party.


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