Better Science For All launches on International Primate Day

On September 1, International Primate Day, Humane Research Australia launched a video campaign: ‘Better Science For All’.

The ad, appearing across SBS On Demand and You Tube, features Marty the Marmoset, who is bred in a primate breeding facility, destined for a life in a research laboratory. We follow Marty and other animals in the laboratory to learn of the horrific procedures to which they are subjected, before ending with the modern animal-free methods of research which will one day allow primates like Marty to live a life of freedom.


Building on a concept by Humane Research Australia, the video was produced by Melbourne animation studio Jumbla to help spread awareness about the realities and consequences of relying on using animals in medical research. The Australian public is still largely unaware of the extent of animal experimentation and it is still commonly regarded as a ‘necessary evil’.

HRA’s ‘Better Science For All’ campaign ambitiously aims to change public opinion towards a future where animals are no longer used in medical research.

Watch the ad:


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