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We’ve Got a New Brand: Animal-Free Science Advocacy Launched!

In September 2023, Humane Research Australia (HRA) members approved a resolution to change our name from Humane Research Australia Inc. to Animal-Free Science Advocacy Inc.

We chose the name Animal-Free Science Advocacy because this better represents our activities and the goals of our advocacy. The full replacement of animals in science with animal-free research methods. We hope the name will increase our visibility both in Australia and internationally and to widen our reach and message.

We are proud to share our new logo designed by Christie Davis Design.

Our new brand includes revamped and redesigned social media storytelling, website and video design. We will maintain historical branding on resources such as our bulletins.

Please have patience as we amend the public facing content of our website and social channels. If in a few weeks’ time you can see some mentions of HRA on our website, feel free to contact us.

Some examples of our new branding are below.

To celebrate the launch of our new brand, we are launching an exciting new membership category!

Your furry, feathered and scaled non-human friends are no doubt very precious to you. So why not make them a member of Animal-Free Science Advocacy too?

If you animal companion is no longer with us, then you can make your symbolic animal membership a loving dedication to them.

This is a symbolic membership and is not recognised in Animal-Free Science Advocacy’s constitution. However, an animal membership will give you bragging rights with your friends. This provides us with much-needed funds to advocate for an end to animal experimentation in Australia.

Snap up your animal membership for the opening promo price of $25 per year until January 31, 2024. You will receive a certificate recognising your nominated animal friend’s membership! 

Purchase your animal membership now

Symbolic animal membership
An anxious cat staring out of a cage within a research facility.


We maintain our determination to secure a future where no animals are harmed in the name of science, and scientific progress is advanced through animal-free research methods.

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